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Forever Will You SufferForever Will You Suffer

ISBN: 1932815694
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Cover art by Adam Mock/Medallion Press

Unsuspecting Rick Summers had simply gone to the cemetery to visit the graves of his mother and sister, killed in a car accident years earlier. He had the cabbie wait for him. But when he got back into the taxi, he didn’t have the same driver. His new chauffeur was a re-animated corpse. And he was about to take a drive into hell.

"This book was audacious fun, reminding me of Richard Laymon and early Graham Masterton."
-- Jack Ketchum, author of “The Girl Next Door” and “The Lost”

"Forever Will You Suffer plays out like a film, with strong and eerie visuals, some genuine shocks, and a lingering feeling of creepiness. I strongly recommend it!"
-- Jonathan Maberry, author of “Ghost Road Blues” (Bucks County, PA)

"Forever Will You Suffer is a deeply personal kind of horror story that gets inside the head and heart of the characters."
-- Janelle Quinlen (Birmingham, AL)

"This novel, Frank's first, takes Dante's Divine Comedy and turns it inside out. It's a fun story, dark, compelling, and a fast paced read."
-- Patricia Snodgrass (Horror World, March 2006)

"Forever Will You Suffer features an intricate concept, decent characters, and a really fun post-ending. ... this one is a pretty wild supernatural thriller." -- The Horror Fiction Review

Institutional Memory

Institutional Memory

A cautionary tale of the horrors of corporate life.

ISBN: 1933836407 / 978-1933836409
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There is something in the Howard Phillip Building that is hungry, that is insatiable and it is slowly going mad. Soon it will learn that fear is the tastiest of delights. Soon it will learn how to make those that work within afraid of their shadows. Then the feasting will begin.

Dark Territories

The Garden State Horror Writers' anthology is edited by myself and Mary SanGiovanni.

Stories by:
GSHW veterans such as Harrison Howe, Mike Penncavage, and Brian Pedersen, along with Ed Greaves, Hildy Silverman, and Pete Gutierrez

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Co-Editor with Mary SanGiovanni
ISBN: 097923462X / 978-0979234620
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